As part of that line of communication to help have an informed client.  We have this selection of booklets available to anyone.  No specific plans, but the topics one needs to be aware of.  


As I’ve said before,

I do not like any surprises in retirement.


I have created these booklets to help guide or introduce anyone to topics that may affect them in retirement.  They are short 16 – 24 pages. They are not designed to answer all of your questions, but convey the urgency of planning now.


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retirement income lifetime annuity life insurance


Income is the most important aspect of retirement.  

I can not stress enough the importance of having an income that will last your lifetime.   If you are younger, plan for the age of 100.












The AnnuityAnnuity income retirement social security

The one true form of income that will last your lifetime.  As a Pension Replacement, together with your Social Security Annuity payments.  You can create the income that you need for life.   Discussing the Myth’s  associated with annuities.










Liofe Insurance tax free income lifetime annuities

Life Insurance.

A Topic one too often dismisses immediately.  Take an open view of Life Insurance.

I think you will find why it should be part of your portfolio.

Create an immediate legacy, survivor benefits, LTC Benefits.









Long Term CareLTClong term care LTC benefits

Protection against and the need for LTC is becoming as common as having Medicare.  Our aging society is having more demand for LTC.  This booklet describes What is LTC and ways to cover the cost.










retirement planning incomeRetirement Planing

It used to be a rush to accumulate as much money as you could.  As many found, there are “Bumps” along the way.  We now need to consider that retirement will last 40+ years.  This will cover 19 topics to be aware of.   Some may not apply, depending upon your age.  Most of them, however will apply to everyone.