Medicare Advantage Plans HMO vs PPO

HMO & PPO- Part C

The Medicare Advantage, HMO vs. PPO conversation is a major topic.

As you continue.You can compare Medicare HMO vs. PPO Plans.

The  HMO & PPO have become the preferred alternatives to the traditional Supplements.

While Supplements have certain advantages, the Advantage Plans (HMO’s & PPO’s) have features that can surpass the supplement.

This has caused a surge in the purchase of such plans.

The HMO and PPO are the most common options compared,
to standard Medicare Supplement.   

They are 2 of 6 plans

All are Part C- Advantage plans.

The plans are gaining in popularity for the additional benefits available within them.

They still provide all of the care you find under Medicare.

The cost for most plans is ZERO/Month to low monthly costs.

Medicare Advantage Plans HMO vs PPO, Key features of the HMO - PPO


Lowest cost 

Lowest Co-Pays

Drug Plan included

More Additional Benefits

Portability across the Nation


Low Cost

• Out of Network providers

• Drug Plan included

Additional Benefits

• Portability across the Nation

Advantage Plans will generally have Co-Pays rather than a monthly cost.  Variations will occur with specific plans and locations.

Aside from the low monthly cost is that they will provide Part D Benefits at no additional cost.   This gives the potential to have Full Health and drug Coverage at no monthly cost.  Then paying only a low Co-pay when services are used.

Both the HMO & PPO offer portability to travel about not only your own area, but across the country.  

Among the many other key benefits included are Vision, Dental, Fitness Centers, 

Most people who have a health plan from the employer is already familiar with how the HMO & PPO’s work.  The utilization of Network providers.

A word of caution:

You will see advertisements on TV for plans offering everything for no cost etc.  The benefits mentioned are available with a Medicaid Advantage plan.   Their objective is to get you on the phone and then sell you something, anything, just to make the sale.   

As one of our clients,  you are always able to contact us for questions.



The HMO,  Health Maintenance Organization,  has its own set of  guidelines.   For a lower cost to the enrollee, they ask that only providers in the network be used.

With some exception, this is not a problem.  With more providers realizing that patients are moving towards the Advantage plans,  more providers are accepting them than ever before.  It’s becoming harder to find a provider that does not accept the plans.


The PPO, Preferred Provider Organization,  offers the flexibility of enrollee’s to go outside of the Network to receive care.  They may have a long relationship with a provider that is not in any network.  The PPO would allow them to continue seeing that provider, at a slightly higher co-pay

Other Part C – Advantage plans.


Although the HMO & PPO are ” Advantage Plans”.  There are 4 more additional plans.

I will only mention one more, the DSNP.  This is a plan designed for those on Medicaid.  If you are qualified for Medicare, REGARDLESS of age, this plan is available to you.

This plan will provide more benefits than what is provided by the State Medicaid plans.

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