Dental coverage.  Now available with up to 60% discount off U&C cost.  It has been a problem coverage for many.  Either we don’t think we need it. Or we need it and can not afford it. Plus the limits will not cover all that needs to be done. 


Traditionally, we had Dental Insurance from an employer.   Employer plans are generally quite good.  If your employer does not offer any Dental Plan, or you may be retired with no employer, there is a problem.



Dental Insurance vs Dental Discount plans.


Insurance will have a a copay and limits on annual services. Deductibles and copay may apply.   Payments are generally high. The cost often is a reason we don’t have Dental Insurance. 


Dental Discount Plans are quite different.  The cost is generally much lower.  No Deductibles. No limits. Set prices for the various services.  


Clients have found more providers will accept traditional Insurance compared to those accepting a discount plan.


What I have found it that there is not a really good Insurance Plan available for Individual use.  If you have a good Employer plan, keep it.


My dislike of Dental Insurance is the Max Dollar limits on many plans.  Time requirements before you can receive the maximum benefits.  Often one Crown will max out the plan.


Dental Discount Plans

They are different. You may be familiar with  “GoodRx”.  That is a well known Discount plan used for your Prescription Drugs. 


Discount Plans allow you immediate access to all of the services. Providing a discount from the  “Usual and Customary (U&C) charges.  No limits on what you need to have done.


We have available Dental Insurance, but do not recommend it.  The cost compared to the benefits are not in line.  In place of Insurance, we recommend the Dental Discount plan mentioned in this page.


The Company is Carrington.  The plans are available nationwide.  Either Individual/Family enrollment.

Or an Employer may offer this plan to employees.



If you would like to enroll in this plan, it is an Online Enrollment.  The following images will provide additional information.




First is to enter your ZIP CODE.




Compare the plans in your area.  You also may enroll in the plan of your choice.



Find your Dentist. You may also call the one you are currently using to confirm participation



This is the LINK to follow to the online web site.  You will find more information.  You may enroll from anywhere in the Nation. One exception is the Aetna Plan in the state of Washington.   You may also use this plan if you are traveling.



Providing my own Testimony. I was need of Crowns.

Remember when you buy a Crown, you also need “Prep” work, which is also expensive.  This is a copy of my own receipt of the U&C charges ($7,688.00) on the right.


On the left ($2,975.00), are the charges under the Care500 plan. A savings of  $4,713.   Well worth the purchase price of $99.






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