Our belief is that a Client should be well informed.


If it affects the client.

They should be knowledgeable enough to understand.


As you will see in the Medicare section, a lot of the information is to educate the viewer.  The clients have a better understanding of how Medicare and their secondary health plans work together.   


If it’s a Medicare plan, Long Term Care plan, Annuity or Life Insurance, Clients should understand what they have purchased. How and why it will benefit them.  I have 


Within this section you will find Booklets that may be either viewed or mailed to you. Information regarding sites to link to for more information. Calculators that may be of assistance in your own planning.


I am old school. The Client is why I am here..  I stress with my clients. If you have a question, CALL ME.   As a client, you have hired me to look out for your best interests.  I work for you.  To answer your questions as they arise.  To protect you and your assets from harm.














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