Medicare, Long Term Care, Supplements, Advantage Plans

Without warning your health can change in a heart beat.

Being unprepared, can result in catastrophic effects.

We offer Medicare plans to provid the care you need.  Without destroying your finances.


As you may have discovered.  “Financial Advisers” rarely offer advise concerning health questions.

In a recent survey, many clients commented that they would like more health information from their adviser’s.Medicare, Long Term Care Supplements Advantage Plans

Like the proverbial 3 legged stool, your health is one of the 3 parts for a total, comprehensive plan for you.

To not provide this critical information is a disservice to the client.

We have incorporated this concept into our Logo

To protect your health

To Protect your Finances

and provide for your Legacy.



Medical planning

The impact of Health on your retirement planning can be monumental.  Drastic changes can occur in an instant.  Resulting in the possibility of a lasting effect for the rest of your life, either Physically, Financially or Emotionally.  Because healthcare ranges from the minor such as a cold to Long Term Care.  Prevention and wellness have increased importance and are being used to provide you a healthier and longer lifestyle.  That is why we look at you having a good medical plan.  This is purely your benefit.  Working together we can enroll you into the plan that benefits you the most.  I have chosen to represent one company that is the largest in the nation.  Leaving healthcare needs to chance is not acceptable.

Sub pages to this section:

The pages will walk you through “What is Medicare ” and how it works.  Making it Simple by covering the basics that you need to know.   Then to Long Term Care and end of life arrangements.   As you approach the age 65, The common practice is for everyone to send you brochures in a format that you will never understand unless you are in the business.  It’s our job to cut through all of that for you, bringing it to a much more understandable format.   You will receive a huge volume of material to you assuming they you will read and understand it.   That never happens.  I will go through the various “PARTS” of Medicare summarizing what they are.  Discussing with you various secondary health plans and then concerns of LTC.  

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Medical      Medicare overview      The 4 parts of Medicare      Medicare Supplements

Medicare Advantage plans      Drug plans      Long Term Care ( LTC)