Medicare benefits, Medicare Supplement

For most of American Seniors, Medicare is their primary source for medical coverage.

Created in 1965, it has provided the security for seniors that previously may have had problems with the rising cost of medical care.  Backed by the government, it has kept up with the fast paced technology and advances in medicine.


 Advances in Medicare:


As part of the Retirement Planning we do, the selection of the proper health care plan becomes an important factor.   Our goal is to protect you from the financial impact of a poor selection for your health coverage.  Therefore entering Medicare becomes a major factor to be considered.  

Changes over the years have brought about the addition of Part C – Advantage plans and the Part D – drug coverage.  As changes occur, your plan will normally keep current with any changes.

Also under the general heading of Medical, we need to look at Long Term Care.   With 70% of retiree’s expected to use some level of LTC,  we need to take it into our planning.  Medicare will only help with the max. of 100 days.  That care has to be related back to a medical condition requiring some care.  Working with Medicare, you need to be familiar with the terms and details that are important regarding what they will or will not do for you.


The following pages will help clarify some questions you may have.

Medical      Medicare overview      The 4 parts of Medicare      Medicare Supplements

Medicare Advantage plans      Drug plans      Long Term Care ( LTC)

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