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Across Florida, and in The Villages – Medicare Advantage Plans  plans provide in many cases a savings for the Medicare enrollee.  They are gaining in popularity as they continue to provide increasingly more benefits to the consumer.

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They of course will provide all of the benefits of care approved by Medicare.  The care between a Supplement and an Advantage plan will often, but not always,  be provided by the same providers.   Providers that accept Medicare are not obligated to accept an Medicare Advantage plan.  Therein lies a potential problem.  However, the increase in use of the Advantage plans has encouraged more providers to become part of the networks. You should have little to no problems in finding an excellent provider.  With your Primary Care Provider already in the network, they will direct you to another within the network.  

Anyone who had employer coverage may be familiar with ” Networks” of healthcare providers.  Although the different companies have particular requirements, there are a lot of similarities.  

The Villages Healthcare prefers the Advantage plans as they offer much more for the prevention of medical problems.  That is one key feature of having an Advantage Plan – Preventative Care.

Most companies will include the drug benefits, eliminating your need to purchase a separate drug plan. Other benefits not covered by Medicare may include Eye and Dental benefits, Podiatry,  24 hour access to a nurse, Fitness club membership just to name a few items.

The 2 plans you will encounter most are a HMO and a PPO.   The HMO will normally require you to select providers within the network,  while the PPO allow you to go outside of the network.  Most plans will have a ZERO cost per month and work with Co-Pays at the time of service.

Medicare Part C Advantage plans are available according to your location.  They are not available in all counties.  HOWEVER – the company we represent provides plans for every county in the state of Florida.

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