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Many find enrolling in

Medicare confusing.  

Medicare has many parts and regulations to follow that are not familiar to the enrollee.  Quite different from any “Pre-65” health plan they may have had.


We can guide you through Medicare with the information you need.  Allowing you to make the plan choice’s that are best for you, not the masses.


Two Government agency’s are involved.  Normally you will not have a need to contact them.  Your Medicare Card, with some exceptions, will automatically be sent to you.


Once you have your card, you are able to enroll in the secondary plan of your choice


We will work with you to select the plan that is best for you.  There are benefits to all plans.  By comparing them, a choice can be made. 


Official Social Security site
medicare cms plans

The Starting place to obtain your Medicare enrollment.  

The Member Beneficary Identifier, (MBI) Your “Medicare Card”  This is your  “Ticket”  to receiving health care under Medicare.



CMS, also known as “Medicare” provide the guidelines and regulations for your health care.  Defining all of the benefits provided by Medicare.

Medicare part a part b

We make Medicare Simple

Enrollment into Medicare and the secondary plan of your choice can be simple.


Avoid the mountain of brochures and letters  you will receive from everyone. 


 Get the information you need to make the best choice for you.

The different “Types” of plans

available for enrollees.

Some common questions about Medicare plans






Drug Plans

Can you have Medicare only?

What is the downside?

Would a Supplement be best?

What does a supplement cost?

Are HMO’s good?


Can I get a good Dr?

What are the benefits of a PPO.

What if I don’t like it?

Why do I need a Drug Plan if I do not take any drugs?

Are my current drugs covered?

We are here to answer all of your questions.



We are able to send you a PDF of the plans mentioned above.

The PDF is the actual booklet we would present during a Face to Face meeting. 


Because of the current health concerns,  this permits you to have all of the information regarding the plans.    We can use a phone conversation to answer any of your questions.   If you are comfortable with a Face to Face, that can be arranged also.   If you select one of the plans to enroll in, it would be done didgitally.  It would make no difference if we were in the same room together or in separate locations.


As your agent, I am local.  I will always be available to you.  Once we have passed the current health conditions,  I can visit you personally at any time.  There is no anonymous person at any 800 number.

The selection of a plan can be simplified.


Once chosen, the application can be taken over the phone. An  E-Signature can be sent to your email address for confirmation.  A Face to Face meeting while best is not required.


For more information, complete the form on the right.

We will respond quickly.


Please remember to check the box that you acknowledge you will be speaking to a Licensed Insurance Agent. 

This is a CMS requirement.

We are in Leesburg,

You can also call us at:

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