Medicare Supplement

Setting the Standard for Health Care


The Medicare Supplement, sometimes referred to as a Medigap policy.

Depending upon what part of the country you are in will determine how such plans are known.  They are one in the same.


Medicare Supplements are without question, the best of all plans  for flexibility.  The Advantage plans, also excellent, but they have restrictions not found with the Medicare supplement.  Plus, they provide benefits beyond what Medicare provides.


When asked how to use the supplement, my response is to: present your card at the window and find a magazine to read.  The provider will take care of all of the paper work.  Unless there is a charge for something not approved by Medicare, you should never see a bill.


Medicare Supplements are divided into several different plans.  Although there are several plans available, we only recommend either a plan G or a plan N.   When recommending a plan, we have several questions to help determine the best plan for you.


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Cost will vary upon your location, age and the plan chosen.  


The benefits of the plans are set by Medicare.   If you price a Plan G from 5 different companies, you will get 5 different prices for the same product.


Reasons to select a supplement will vary.   Reasons may include:   no co-pay’s to deal with,  Simplicity, any Provider anywhere-anytime, no networks,  fixed cost for all treatment,  the reassurance that coverage is backed by Medicare.   The Monthly Cost may or not be a factor.


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