Will Trust estate

As I mentioned in the RICP page.  Everything that can affect your retirement is taken into consideration.


We are not Attorney’s or CPA’s.  When those services are recommended, they should be consulted.


Some  of the basic information will be covered.  For more detailed information you may want to consult with your Attorney or Accountant.


This section will cover some of the items you may have possibly done.  Often little details that are easy to do can save so much.


 This section is to provoke your thoughts and discussion about remembering those little things.  The laws are strict for a person who is either Physically or Mentally incompetent or Deceased.  If arrangements were not done previously, after the fact they cannot be done at all.  


The State will decide for you.  Many times conversation regarding disposition of assets will not hold up in court.  Such actions later have torn families apart.  It is very important to be prepared.