Blocked Artery – Preventive Medicine


A blocked artery.   In another article I mentioned that the body will often tell you that something is wrong.  Not so with a Blocked Artery.  Blocked Arteries occur over a period of time.  Your arteries and other blood vessels are the plumbing for your body, like pipes are for your home.  Visually you see the same effect in the house as a pipe becomes blocked.  Within the body, it is a silent killer.   Preventative care is required to become aware of the potential problem.

As you have seen on the website, Goodrum Financial is strong in the financial safety for clients.  Then why should we be concerned about health matters ?   Back to the 3 legged stool.  The 3 areas of concern are Health, Finances and other items such the legal needs.  While you may do extremely well financially, it can be wiped out with one major stroke or heart attack.  We look to protect the entire client.

Back to the blocked arteries.  

As mentioned, this is a silent killer.   Results can vary from a mild TIA or mini-stroke to a full blown massive stroke or heart attack.

Prevention is optimal, followed by immediate medical care.  

Discuss with your Doctor any symptoms and preventative actions you can take. 

One preventative action is to utilize  Life Line Screening .   They are in most areas such as Lake, Marion and Sumter counties to provide SCREENING only services.  The tests cost $149.00  that can save your life.  The results are provided to you and or your Doctor.  In your Doctors office many of these basic tests are not done unless there is a symptom to justify it for insurance purposes. 

The after effects of a stroke.

The effects can be gone within moments of a TIA.  However anything more serious is a life changing event.  I have seen it to many times.    The Hospital visit is obvious. Stroke, brain, blocked artery Then you will have an altered lifestyle so as to not endanger yourself more.  Activities become restricted.  You may be bed ridden from a massive Stroke. With either a massive stroke or heart attack, death is a strong possibility.  That then brings on a whole new set of problems.   Then who do you have to care for you.  Added responsibilities for the well spouse to take over your responsibilities.  And the list of bad scenarios continue.  All of this is medical.  BUT it always affects ones finances.  They are interrelated.  One affects the other. 

You owe it to yourself and others to do what you can to prevent such problems.  I can not stress it enough to be proactive towards this.


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