Retirement Lifetime Income


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Retirement Lifetime Income.

The basic concept is simple – it’s the money we receive.

For the rest of our lives.

Eliminating the stress and problems associated with running out of money.


Retirement lifetime income

Poll results of a survey taken by Allianz for retiree’s concerns

Retirement Lifetime Income is quite different from income experienced during your years of employment.   The idea was to make and save as much as possible.  Retirement is different. There we use what is available and plan for it to last your lifetime.  Maybe as much as 40+ years.


Your income? We generally never think of it because it’s always been there while we were working.  Going into retirement, things can change.  You will be going from “Accumulation” to “De-Cumulation”.  


Income cannot be underestimated in its importance.  It is needed for everything we do.   Because of the length of time involved, it is subject to the many risk’s that we take into consideration when developing a plan for retirement.


The purpose of Retirement Income Planning is to continue your current lifestyle throughout retirement.


De-Cumulation, the opposite of Accumulation.  It is a method of analyzing your assets and preparing a plan for distribution.  Over your lifetime.  Long Term Planning.


In the planning process for

Retirement Lifetime Income,

there are 3 methods utilized:

The “Floor method”

The “Percentage method” 

The “3 Bucket approach”


First is to meet the fixed costs such as food and shelter.  


The 2nd & 3rd styles provide for the fixed costs plus non-essentials that make life enjoyable.  Different styles, but they accomplish the similar goal.   Then to establish any legacy planning you desire.


We use several options to provide the dependable and safe funding for retirement.


Using a blend of various annuities and life insurance plus together with Social Security and any pensions to formulate a plan for you.


Also, any existing market investments are part of the planning


This LINK will take you a calculator from Allianz Life Insurance about lifetime income.  This is typical of many calculators available.  It will provide some idea of what income you may expect with a given amount of retirement savings.



We have a series of Booklets for your benefit.  Click on the LINK to see the booklet on Retirement Income.


You may View for reading, Download or order a hard copy that will be mailed to you.