Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements and Drug plans
form the basis for Senior Health care in America.

In 1965, Medicare became available to to those eligible.  Since Medicare only paid 80% plus having various Deductibles.  That left the enrollee to pay the remaining amount.

Medicare Supplements were created to provide 100% coverage for illness’.  Since then, various plans with various benefits have been added and deleted.  Most common recently was Plan “F”. Plan “F”, however, is no longer available

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All plans require you to have Parts “A & B”.

Medicare does not provide for any Drugs outside of a Hospital Setting  For that, A Part “D” is needed.  Part D is covered on this page

Part “C”  covers the Advantage Plans. Part C is covered on the next page.




The Medicare Supplement is desired for its flexibility.  It may be used anywhere that Medicare is accepted.  No restrictions for Dr’s or other medical providers that accept Medicare

For this convenience, there is a monthly cost.  On average, the Supplement PLUS a Drug plan will average about $200/ month in central Fl.   Your age, gender and location will determine the cost.  

•  Medicare does not include any drug benefits. 

  Medicare does not cover any Long Term Care. 

•  Medicare provides for Health matters only.

Because the Supplements only provide Medical Benefits and no Drug coverage.  Many are now looking to the Medicare Advantage plans to provide extended coverage and benefits.





Medicare Plans

Medicare offers 8 plans to choose from

A, B, G, G(+Select), K, L, N, N(+Select)

The G  &  N Select have restrictions and are seldom used.

Of the remaining 6 plans, only Plans G & N are most commonly purchased.

The reason for this is the cost difference is minimal to purchase other plans.

In use, you really need to select between Plans G or N.

Plan N does offer some cost saving over Plan G.

Keeping it simple.



As mentioned before,
Medicare only provides for Medical Care




Drug Plans,

Part D


To have 100% coverage, a Drug plan is needed.

Drug plans are not sold by Medicare.  They are sold by Insurance companies.

Medicare rules, however, dictates are ” Interesting“.   This is important.  While you are not required to have any Drug plan.  If you do not have “Credible Coverage“,  and later in time choose to obtain a Drug Plan.  You will receive a penalty for not have had one from the date you became eligible for Medicare.

This can be covered in more detail during a conversation with us.





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