Retirement income Goodrum Financial Keeping your eye on your goal you find that life is wonderful

and you should enjoy every moment.


We as a society have changed how and what we do during our lives.

50 years ago a person attaining the age of 100 was very rare.

Today –  60 is the new 40,  80 is the new 60 and living into the 90’s is becoming more common.


This brings us to

Goodrum Financial.

Retirement Income planning has taken on a new importance.

Goodrum Financial is dedicated to providing our clients the planning to maintain and enjoy their lifestyles through out their lifetimes.  There is now a need for more emphasis on providing income for our extended life spans.  Coming up short in our opinion is not an option.   Financial Planning has become more of a challenge for several reasons. Working with our clients on a one to one basis, we help guide and prepare them for what could be a long retirement period.  As a part of your overall portfolio by utilizing Annuities and Life Insurance for their safety and guarantees.


Richard Goodrum, RICP®  has been in the business of providing retirement security for more than 25 years for clients across the state of Florida.

Always having the interest of the client first has enabled clients to enjoy retirement without worry.

Having been securities licensed, he has seen the devastating effect of a market crash. The transition has been made to use plans that have guarantee’s so that no client will lose anything.  Your retirement funds are secure.  Emphasis is towards maximizing the benefits for the client through retirement.

Our methods are to ensure your life style through out your life. Working with you to provide a plan that will meet your goals.   Then adjusting the plan as changes occur.   Life is always changing, and we will help you keep up with it.




                                                                           Our Logo describes the three areas of service:
                                                                        You Health, Your Finances and your Legacy.