Income for Retirement

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Income for Retirement,

is different from your Pre-Retirement life.

During your “Working years” you had Human Capital.  Money you earned and brought home every payday.

In Retirement, that portion of income is gone and there are no more Employer Paydays.

In Retirement, What you have saved, plus pensions, Social Security and other assets will need to support you from 20 – 40 years.    That is when the possibility of running out of money becomes real, and very unpleasant.


You will need to depend upon your income for Life.

We protect that unknown factor in your lives.

That is what we plan for you.


Life Stages

Your life’s spending habits will have 3 Stages.


The GO GO period will occur shortly after retiring.  You are still young and active.    The Travel and other activities will consume money a little faster than when you were working, and did not have the spare time.

The  SLOW GO period occurs as you get a little older, the travel and activities tend to slow down, along with your spending.  Overall a little less active than before.  The “Been there, Done That” phrase.  Look about your own area and observe the people of different age groups to see this phase.

The NO GO period occurs later in life.  Increased spending, normally associated with increased Medical costs and Decreased mobility.   Things that you have done before, are being done by a person whom you have hired.  This spending is more than the Slow Go period.  If you need LTC ( Long Term Care),  the cost can be rather high.


Don’t let this

Become your extra income


 The Reason this is important.

The 20 – 40 years of retirement should not be done without some concept of how your income will be created. 

Problems of overspending in the early years may create a shortfall in the later years as the spending needs increase.  

Without income
Nothing happens

Planning for a Protected, lifetime income is essential.

We presume that one will have a need for Long Term Care which is very expensive.  70% of persons over the age of 65 will need some level of LTC.  That fact cannot be ignored. That expense is for the one needing the care.  Not the well spouse at home.   LTC is the worst case scenario, but it needs to be planned for, BUT hoping it’s never needed.  

Not knowing your longevity, we plan for a long life.   Then ensure that your estate is passed the way you want.


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