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Welcome to Medicare



the one really great benefit of turning 65.

Receiving your Medicare ID card starts with Social Security.  Follow the link to set up your own account with Social Security.   Normally it is automatic that you receive your card 3 months prior to your month of enrollment.

We are going to make it real simple here.   

Medicare consists of

4 parts.   

Part A Hospital care

Part B Care outside of the hospital

Part C Advantage plans

Part D Drug coverage.

There is often confusion about

Parts A & B

Part A,   is automatically given to you at no cost.  You will have no choice on Part A. 

Part B,   has a monthly premium.  Currently, in 2023, the average is $170.14/month.  It may be higher, based upon your income.  The amount is deducted from your social security monthly payment, or billed to you on a quarterly basis if you are not receiving Social Security. 

This may be avoided if you continue to work for your employer. 

You may, stop your employment and start Part B at a later date without any penalties.  If you should choose not to take Part B when you turn 65 and are not covered under another plan,  There will be a penalty for late enrollment.   

For  more detailed information, contact us or Medicare.


Medicare part a part b

Medicare Made Simple

We can take the confusion out of selecting your Medicare Plan

On the 2 following pages, we will discuss the Supplement and Drug plans.

Then the Advantage plans available.

To meet the various needs of our clients.

We represent several different companies.

Each company offers different benefits or providers.  

Humana Medicare Advantage plans
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