Long Term Care

The great unknown in retirement.

Long Term Care LTC Medicare

What is Long Term Care ?

As you can see from the diagram, LTC can be many things.

Depending upon your personal needs, the service will vary. 

Not listed is Independent Living.

Independent Living, is having your own housing such as an apartment.  You are independent, but have other services readily available to you.  

The first 3 questions asked about LTC.

What do I need ?

Where do I go ?

• Who pays for it?

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If you have reached the point of asking these three questions. Time may not be on your side.

What do I need ?

We advocate planning.  Assume that at some time in your lives, you may need some form of LTC.   There is a 70% chance of needing some form of LTC if you are over the age of 65.   That is not as ominous as it may sound.  You may NEVER need any such care.

That 70% includes the very minor care, such as Adult Day Care or Custodial Care.

Your  Physical or Mental needs will determine the level of care needed.  IF any LTC is in your future, it normally is a period of time as your needs progress.


Where do I go ?

LTC can often be provided within the home.  Family support is a major factor in any care.  Do you have family close or are they some distance away ?   As your needs go beyond the ability to stay in the home.  Your Doctor will guide you to what is recommended or available in your area.


Who pays for it ?

There are only 3 ways to pay for the cost of LTC.

Government pays

Insurance pays

Personal Assets


Paying for Long Term Care Needs.

How expensive is LTC?

How much does it cost?  

The quality of living and location will determine the cost.  A low cost room for Independent living is available at about $2,000+ a month.  However, for what you may be accustomed to, the cost may be in the $5,000+ per month range.  That is $60,000 + per year.

The more care or assistance you need, the cost goes up.

Then the questions reverts back to the only three ways of paying for the care

Sadly, many people seldom think far enough ahead to consider LTC.   How to pay for LTC is a major conversation.  

Please contact us to schedule a conversation regarding this “What If”.  There are many factors to reviewing your options.     We will discuss the costs involved, locations, options to cover the cost, and the effects on the family.  I can not stress enough, the importance of having a conversation about LTC,   I have seen both those who have planned and have not planned for such an event.


As I tell everyone.

The person needing the care, will receive it.

It then become’s a matter of who will pay for it.


Long Term Care

Additional resources that may assist you


The page Long Term Care is a Government page with many answers to your questions,

LTC Link


Many Seniors have the impression that Medicare will also cover their LTC Needs.  That is ot true.  Medicare will cover your Medical needs, not the LTC needs.

Follow this link to the Medicare site




SeniorCare.com will provide some good information.  Like Medicare, many think that Social Security will help cover the cost of LTC Care.

Follow the link to their page



To start the conversation about LTC.   Please use the Button to the right to send us your information.  We can meet either in person or via Zoom.


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