The RICP Difference

Richard Goodrum RICP Life Insurance Annuities planning

The RICP Designation

is relatively new.   

It was created especially for those who are either in or will be retiring within 10 years.

Concentrating on the multiple facets of Retirement.  Income is of course the main emphasis.  As we are living longer than ever before. This brings on more importance to consider many more factors than ever before.

The First concern of course is to have an income that will maintain one’s lifestyle.  Other areas of concern are Taxes,  Long Term Care, Health Care and Legacy.  

To see this full list, let us send you our FREE booklet on “The 19 Risks facing Retiree’s”.  Listing 19 areas of potential harm to your retirement.  Some of the 19 will apply to everyone.  Others items may not apply to you.   The younger you are, the more items will apply to you.

Forbes on the RICP Designation


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