Life Insurance

The significance of having Life Insurance

as part of your Retirement Planning.

The Traditional view of Life Insurance.

The classic view and opinion of Life Insurance was to provide some money for the Widow.  What Life insurance has become is just short of remarkable.


Life Insurance is a way to purchase

Tax Free Money

at a Discount.


life insurance tax free income

What has changed with Life Insurance?


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Life Insurance is no longer just for your passing.

Today’s use  of Life Insurance in retirement planning has been greatly expanded over the years.   Today’s plans can provide so many living benefits, that they have become crucial to your estate.

A few ideas.

What do you typically have in your life today?  

Spouse, Children and Grandchildren.  Also Investments such as a 401K, IRA and other investments that generate 1099’s. ( 1099’s are taxable)  Mortgages, 2nd home, spending for the grandchildren, Travel for you and your spouse.  The list goes on, but you realize that there are many things that need protection within your life.

Life Insurance, designed properly can provide you with a Tax Free Income to cover emergencies, without endangering the policy itself.  Life Insurance provides your family money that is TAX FREE to cover the expenses of one’s passing.  Coverage for any Estate Taxes that may occur.  Also providing Tax Free income to reduce your Taxable Income, without lowering your actual income.


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Tax Free Income.

Taxes are unusually low today. They will go up in time. Using some realistic numbers. Can you imagine combining $30,000 from a Life Policy. Then another $30,000 from your Roth. Would you like to avoid a larger Tax Bill in your future? It can be planned to happen.

One of the most important living benefits.

Today’s policies, with maybe some exception, will provide Confined Care Benefits and Terminal Benefits.  

The reason this is so critical, is the growing need for such care.  My having seen Long Term Care destroy the family assets has made me a devotee of Life Insurance.   30 years ago, My opinion was quite different. 

Today’s policies will generally advance up to 90% of the face value of a policy.  The cost of LTC can be high.  Today’s Life Insurance policies are replacing the older Long Term Care Policies.  The Long Term Care policies, if you can find one, are expensive.  An expense that you do not know if you will ever use it or not.  In their place, the industry is moving to incorporate LTC needs into newer plans.  Life Insurance, together with Annuities can provide for Long Term Care if it is needed.  


When a Life Changing event occurs.


life insurance tax free income taxes ira

When the unthinkable happens…..

This is when you utilize the Death Benefits of Life Insurance.

And what can it do?

Provide a large influx of Tax Free Money.

For the surviving spouse, it means that they will not have to worry about any bills resulting from your passing.  They will be able to stay in the family home.  Still keeping the lifestyle you had created for the family.

Create a larger estate than just your investments. 

For your Heirs.

They will have the ability to pay Estate Taxes.  Any Income Taxes due for any 401K or Traditional IRA’s.  Have the ability to pay the costs to settle your estate.

Create a Stretch IRA.  The Government changed how your IRA can be passed to heirs.  Life Insurance will pass more, Tax Free money to your heirs.


This is but a sampling of the power Life Insurance can provide for you.

Working with Life Insurance is a little more involved.  It can be somewhat customized to meet your needs. 

Contact us to discuss your individual needs.


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