Retirement Lifetime Income!

An absolute necessity.


Planning for your assets to be there.

Throughout your life cannot be left to chance.



Lifetime Income

Lifetime Income that is guaranteed is essential.  Income that you will never outlive.  We don’t know if we should plan of a life span to age 65  or 105.   It’s best to plan for the longer age.  Because we are living longer, you will have maybe 40 years of retirement.  As long as you may have worked.   That is 40 years to live off of your savings.  We can help you have the guarantee’s that you will never run out of money.


And also ensure the same for one’s spouse.  Income that is guaranteed, in addition to the Social Security is essential.   History has proven that after the passing of one spouse, expenses do not go down, but in fact often increase.  That needs to be factored in when creating a plan.


A portion of your assets need to be dedicated to be able to cover your known living expenses including an inflation factor. Providing assurances that if the market crashes, Worst Case Scenario, you will still have the fixed expenses covered.


Social Security is guaranteed for life and is adjusted for inflation.  As anyone receiving S/S knows, that increase is consumed with other higher charges.  S/S should not be counted on as your primary source of income. Social Security is only a portion of what your working income was.  You cannot live well with that only.  Knowing that, where else can you create a lifetime income that will last a lifetime?


Some bonds, but they are subject to market risk.  Annuities with an Income Rider or Life Insurance’s cash value.  To some extent, home equity can be used WITH CAUTION.  They are being heavily advertised on TV now.  There are Details that you need to watch out for – proceed with them cautiously.


Taxes, which are covered later, should be considered.  Refer to the 19 Risks facing seniors.  These are actual risks that face retiree’s.   They include the unexpected things that can arise at any time and disrupt your planning.  Our mission is to have you prepared for the possibility of something happening.